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Yes, entry-level positions are available for new graduates and those with no previous experience.

Yes, you are allowed to use your laptop if it fits our system specifications.

  • Operating system: Windows 10 Home/Pro at 64-bit *Genuine
  • CPU: Intel Core i3 (at least 6th gen) or similarCPU: Intel Core i3 (at least 6th gen) or similar
  • Memory: at least 6GB ram
  • Internet subscription/speed: At least 10mbps (DSL/Fiber only)
  • LTE connection not accepted

VA must have's:
  • Desktop/Laptop- systems requirements are specified below
  • Headset- Over the ear headset with a retractable noise-reduction microphone
  • Webcam HD/ Clear webcam (360p or higher pixel density)
  • Backup internet connection in case of Internet Service Provider outage

As of now, we don't have part-time positions

At that same time, we are unable to hire employees who do not currently reside in the Philippines.

Schedules may differ based on your client's time zone and business hours requirements.

  • - The potential of earning a dollar rate every hour (depends on your clients)
  • - The ability to work from home
  • - Free training and seminars

We mostly use social media and our website to recruit our employees.

Our clients are varied, and they're mostly small to moderate business owners and professionals in the medical field.

  • - We are currently located at Unit 6 The Arcade Holiday Homes Brgy. Biclatan General Trias Cavite City, Philippines
  • - Our US office is located at 12413 Asbury Dr. Fort Washington MD 20744
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