Ability to work independently, with limited required direction and guidance

Inbound and outbound calls to and from patients, providers, and healthcare insurance companies for inquiries, appointments, and data verification (maintains great phone etiquette)

Obtaining medical history; Navigating through different EMR (Electronic Medical Records) systems such as “Cerner, Epic, AthenaNet/AthenaHealth, NextGen”

Verifying coverage and eligibility for healthcare insurance

Providing administrative assistance, such as (data entry, appointment scheduling, email management, record management, and time-keeping)

Responsible for health promotion, discussing care plans, admissions, new patient intake, and front-desk triage

Developing professional relationships with medical professionals and patients; serving as the primary point of contact between patients and providers

HIPAA policy must be strictly adhered to and followed.

DESKTOP /LAPTOP: Must meet system requirements.

Internet Speed: 10 Mbps plan or higher

Headset: Over-the-ear headset with a retractable noise-reduction microphone. a. In-ear headsets (like the ones that come with your phone) are not allowed.

Webcam: HD / Clear Webcam (360p or higher pixel density)

Backup power supply in case of a power outage

Backup internet connection in case of Internet Service Provider (ISP) Outage.

Must reside in the Philippines.

For Health / Medical virtual assistant, should be a graduate of any medical allied courses.

General Virtual Assistants should at least finish 2 years in college, experience in the related field is an advantage but is not required

Should be Knowledgeable of US health care system their processed and terminologies

Can work under minimum supervision

Able to work in a fast-paced environment

Operating System: Windows 10 Home/Pro at 64-bit *Genuine

CPU: Intel Core i3 (at least 6th gen) or similar

Memory: at least 6GB RAM

Internet subscription/speed: At least 10mbps (DSL/Fiber only) ** LTE connection not accepted